Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Curiouser and curiouser

I wonder where the term “curiousity killed the cat” emerged from. Well, if I have to go by my years of experience with felines of various temperaments, habits and fetishes, I can say that curiousity never really killed the cat.

Okay, it nearly killed my cat Millie Kutty, as she was curious to find a short cut from bedroom no 1 to bedroom no 2 that didn’t involve doors or humans. It also unhinged my friend Rajashree's cat Taby’s hip as she jumped a fence chased a tomcat in the wilderness of Nagaon.

But there’s more curious cats in real life than in the feline family—the latter seem largely interested in ignoring you or finding their own answers.


An excerpt of a conversation I had on Saturday with a curious cat.

So I heard you went to Turkey?

Yes, that’s right

Direct flight or stopover?

Well, there is no direct flight.. so I flew via Delhi

Business class or economy?

It was a work trip. Yes, I flew business.

Did you also take Deepak with you?

No, I told you it was a work trip.

Oh! I thought you could combine work with pleasure

Whatever gave you that idea?

Where did you stay?

At the Swissotel, the Bosphorus.

Five star?

Ya, I think so.

How much was the ticket?

I don’t know. It was sponsored

I noticed that she never asked me whether I had fun, or what the weather was like, or what I loved about Turkey. Only useless trivia. I was being marked.


When my brother was visiting from America, the curious cats were again at play

How long is your H1 valid?

I’ve got my Green Card now

So soon? How come?

Well, things just worked out.

Are you applying for citizenship?

I will be, in a year..

So have you bought a house?

I am still looking.


When I bought my first car, after watching my mother struggle with public transport for her heart check-ups, they were at it..

New or second hand?


Is it a company car?

No it’s mine. I paid for it.

You drive yourself or you have a driver?

I drive.

One year or three year EMI?

One year..

So then you must be paying a lot…. How do you manage?


How come you chose a Santro?

I liked it…


When I went to the United States for the first time..

Got your visa?


Six months?

No. Ten years. Multiple entry.

Wow? How did you manage that?

I don’t know, they gave it to me..

I thought it was tough for single women..

May be it’s not that tough.

So are you flying to the east coast or west coast?


No more questions.


And not so long ago, when I was single..

So? When are you giving us the good news?

I have no idea. What is good news?

Don’t pretend. What about settling down?

But I am so settled..


When I finally announced that I had found someone I truly love and wanted to spend the rest of my life with… the questions continued..

Where is he from?

Where does he live? What does he do?

Own house or renting?

So when are you inviting us home?

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

How come you didn’t go abroad?


It never ends. Which is why I would be in a state of bliss if I had to spend the rest of my life with animals. They have better things to do than collect useless knowledge and make checklists. Sleep, for instance. Or just be.

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