Monday, August 8, 2011

Every girl should have a Dabangg friend

Someone who calls her ‘chikni’ or ‘item’ and gets away with it, because for once, she doesn’t feel objectified.
Someone whose idea of button-down dressing is to leave two buttons undone instead of four.

Someone who defines insouciance, but is never sure what it means. And cannot spell it to save his life.

Someone who doesn’t remember your birthday. And makes no bones about it.

Someone who you never have to worry about subtext, because he hasn’t a clue what it means.

Someone who says he will break someone’s arm if they mess with you and mean it.

Someone who says it like it is, because he doesn’t know any other way to do it.

Someone who loves the girl in you and celebrates her.

Someone who makes you feel like a woman, while still counting you as one of the boys.

Someone who never pretends to know what he doesn’t.

Someone who walks in and fills the room, whatever his size.

Someone you walk in with, and think you can fill a room too, whatever your size.

Someone who thinks it’s a waste of time engaging in deep, intellectual discussion.

Someone who will cheer the loudest when you have a victory.  And feel your pain when you are sad.

Someone who thinks ironing your hair doesn’t make you more of a woman;  and using cuss words doesn’t make you less of it.

Someone you can cuss with to your heart’s content and not be judged.

 HK, I salute thee!


  1. I know this is a sidebar to someone but cant help commenting.

    What a nice thought....and here I was thinking I was a Neanderthal.

    Guess when a woman asks me next time why I forgot her birthday and am so matter of fact about it...I will explain to her that I'm her dabaang friend....LOL

    But seriously, very nice thought. Yes there are men like that and they are called Alpha men as per Western standards. Look all around you they exist.

    Men so secure in their testosterone levels that they ignore the little things others would spend sleepless nights fretting over.

    Cheers to...... (dare I say it)

  2. Hey, I want a Dabangg friend too! So many guys these days are closet wimps...