Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, I can

I never make new year resolutions, as I am usually quite resolved anyway, so there’s not much to fix (how boring). But this year, I have noticed that the cat has been displaying a great sense of purpose since the turn of the year. So I wonder if it has indeed made some resolutions. When I probed her in catspeak, here is what she shared (of course some of it may be offensive to human consumption and I recommend animal guidance):

1. I will not waste precious feline time on menials like crows, pigeons and other insects that come visiting.. instead I will focus on higher forms on Discovery channel and National Geographic.

2. I will hence, demand full viewing rights of the television when my flat-mates are at work, as I need something to recharge my batteries and can’t be bothered sleeping all day (much as they imagine I do)

3. I will practise my long jumps on the woman of the house instead of the man, as she has more resilience and notices the art in my sport. I will now jump lengthwise instead of breadthwise, as she’s not very long anyway.

4. I will fully express my sexuality by devouring all the men that stop by the house, especially the blue collared ones, as they smell so delectable, and are not usually scared of me.

5. I will make the most of every outing - random car rides, visits to the vet, to the lady’s mother (who is rather kind and huggable, but has two petrified cats who are too old for my taste) and the old man who I think fancies me.

6. As soon as I attain puberty, I will yank off this collar my flat-mates have bestowed upon me, and elope with the first able suitor.

7. I will insist upon fat-free chicken and organic fish, as I have to maintain my svelte form for such a suitor.

8. All alerts of human visitors’ have to be submitted 10 cat hours in advance, with a brief biography of said human, so that I can study its aesthetic quotient and ankle-delectability.

9. In case of animal visitors, I need a video shown to me at least one cat day in advance so I can gauge the stupidity quotient of said animal and tone down my brilliance accordingly, so that they don’t feel inferior.

10. I will demand full access to the fridge and the cupboard, where I need to retreat from time to time, just to collect my thoughts.

11. The man of the house will not treat electronic gadgets as his personal property. What is life without wires?

12. I will file a petition for animal abuse against the nincompoops who blast loud speakers every night and insist on singing (sometimes orating) in their ghastly voices.

13. I will not be asked again why I go for the lady’s nose. She is rather charming, but she needs a nose job, what can I say?

14. I will not have my flat-mates talk about me like I am not in the room.

Meooow! Time for my beauty nap.


  1. Lalita, a friend recommended reading your blog. I like your witty style of writing and ability to notice the little things in our daily lives. Your language is P.G.Woodhouse-ish and that makes it a real treat to read!

  2. hey, that's a tough one to keep up. but will try. thank you!