Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eat, dream, love

I am deeply suspicious of women who don’t ‘do’ food. It’s not about whether you cook or not, but about how much food gets you going. What I mean is that if I don’t see a gleam in a woman’s eye when food is mentioned, I know she can never be my friend. I have tested this out, and can say with much confidence that each and every one of my friends is into food. Show me a woman who can eat and I’ll show you integrity. And if she can eat like a man, she will never let you down. (Men, take note)

Also, food makes me happy — thinking about it, cooking it, eating it, planning it, remembering it — there are so many emotions that ride on food, that one lifetime is just not enough. So women who don’t do food bypass all these, and turn out, well, pretty shallow in my opinion.

Whenever I find myself with a woman who I am not even mildly curious about or at a loss for what to say to her, I find that she is not into food. Try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Women whose vocabulary does not meander into food or food-like substances are seldom worth knowing. And women who pick at their food should never be trusted.

Naturally, off my list are women who go to fancy restaurants, but never really eat, or women who think having a sandwich counts for food, or women who always decline anything that is offered to them, either because they are not hungry (What is that? Where has eating for taste gone?) or because they don’t ‘feel like it’.

On the other hand, a woman who holds forth on the roasted brownness of her baby potatoes in thyme or the desired crunchiness of green chillies in a mustard gravy pickle, or the texture of a perfect tsi-tsi-ki, or the gooeyness of a brownie made in heaven (or at Rebecca Vaz’s Baking Tray) – is a woman worth knowing.

For those of you who have to live on a diet of coffee and cigarettes simply because that is the only way you can look like stick insects and walk the ramp, or pose for a swimsuit calendar or whatever you contract requires you to do, my apologies. I know that even reading this article would be a taboo, as it will make you think about food, and that is so not cool.

I recently found myself at a dinner party with a TV actress, who kept pondering aloud over every item on display — whether she should be eating it at all, as she had to display her navel in her next shoot, whether a cheese cake had fewer calories than a trifle pudding, and such insignificant details. I thought to myself, I am so glad I don’t have her job and wondered when would she stop worrying and start living?

So if you eat to live, you are not my kinda girl. Size zero notwithstanding.


  1. For me as a student, food is more about value for money. If I am buying something for twenty bucks, it should be proportionate in size. But what I feel bad about is that I am stick thin inspite of being a foodie and when I eat three vada pavs in a row, I am given a questioning look. Since when did weight and appetite got related?

  2. Ur post has left me very hungry.. :D
    i hav always been a foody through out my life and like u,i also hav always connected wid foodies through out my life..I personally feel comfortable wid people who relish eatin lik me..even though fitness is imp for me but never at the cost of my food...

  3. Yeah, I can vouch for Arvind. I watch him everyday in college and when you see him eating, you feel hungry too. So much for the copycat syndrome.

  4. Ha ha.. i think food does have an inductive effect.. and if you can have three vadapavs and still look like a stick, you have great genes! Celebrate them and have a fourth on me!

  5. I cannot agree with you more! Ok, if you are really obese, you may want to monitor what you're eating. But I had this friend who was a size zero and was so ashamed that she became a size one after spending a winter in Detroit! And you know the worst clan? The ones whom you invite home for a home cooked dinner and who say "Oh, malai kofta, can't eat that, it's too fatty". What the heck! Here you cook for them and they have the gall to refuse! I've even had friends who wouldn't eat the cake I had got for their birthday because it was too creamy! It's your birthday dammit! Anyway, I'm neither a size zero nor a size 16, so I always make my peace with food!

  6. I have had weight issues. I do. I am maybe 5kgs over weight and I was once stupid enough to consider it as an 'issue'

    I love food. I love it more than I love being thin.. and some of the best times I have had in my life are all food related-it is always while dining out! so no way I am giving up the food!!!

  7. Dharini and perplexed, you speak my heart...the funny thing is, people who have weight issues actually don't care. it's the ones that are almost evaporating that are constantly monitoring what they eat. you feel like saying, "If you gain some, may be i can see you better!"

  8. Well I really don't monitor what I eat and STILL the scales haven't tipped past 47. The last time I had reached this figure was when I gained weight was due to side-effect of some Ayurvedic medicine meant to cure my cold. I am contemplating resuming the course again ;)