Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will the real plagiarists please stand up?

I don't know whether I am angry, amused, flattered, sad or shocked.

I am being plagiarised. Blatantly. Consistently. Audaciously.

When I got to know, I turned from pissed to numb in less than a minute. It was one name, one blog that I really delved into. But I don't know how many more are at large.

What is one to do? Report a cyber crime? Call the internet moral police, if there is one? Write emails to the offenders, saying excuse me, but I think you are confused. I actually wrote that.

Sue? Which technically, Hindustan Times can, and they are much bigger than me. Because many of the articles that have been filched was when this blog was an archive of its column avatar in the newspaper. So, you could be in big trouble, dear plagiarists. 
The bad thing about the internet is that it is full of cyber vultures. I was warned when I got from the cushioned off-line column to a full-frontal online blog that it would be so. The good thing about the internet is that there are also people looking out for you. Loyal readers. People who still know how to spell ethics or integrity. People who are still not content-sluts enough to have obliterated the boundaries between the real stuff and the fakes.

I don't read blogs or surf the net much, because frankly, I don't like screens too much. Whatever the size, brand or texture. So I would never know how my work is being abused out there.

I visited the blog of one such plagiarist hoping to find salvation. At the very least, a point of view, a voice, a story. Instead I found a pathethic echo of my own voice. A lazy, sloppy echo, that hadn't even bothered to change the headlines.

Why did you have to do this, dear Mamta Joshi from Bangalore? I know imitation is the best form of flattery, and sure you have my blog for ideas, but at least get your own words! Or pretend to rewrite, if being a writer is what it's about. If you had the enterprise to put a blog out there, surely you would have had a modicum of an idea of what to put in it?

I am waiting till you google modicum...


Now here's the bad news, Mamta. This time around, there isn't much for you to copy. Unless of course you were planning on doing a piece on how your bad echo of my blog has an even worse plagiarised version lying around somewhere on the internet.


  1. quite pathetic, the imitation.
    imagine what leo must feel, with all his digital monalisas flying around.
    but really.
    it could happen to any one of us, and it's sad that it had to be you.

  2. you know, haha, i wonder if she'd have the nerve to copy that onto her own blog. let's dare her. let's double dare her. okay, seems her blog is open by invitation only. your move.

  3. ha ha.. i wonder if 'open by invitation' only is a euphemism for the gore that lies within!

  4. Oh god ! Thats pathetic ! people really have the cheek n nerve to do all this...Good u r confronting her...Lets see what she does next..

  5. that's just a temp, you can access her blog via google reader if you just subscribe to the url.
    what if she's a bot? i have an idea for word verification. spell 'p1agiari5m'.

  6. That's too much work to read a non-writer sheriff.
    And pray, what's a bot?
    I like the word verification. Nice!

  7. I had a friend who copied-pasted my blog word by word.. One day I was on this ego trip googling terms that I had invented on my blog (I do tht!)

    I was kinda proud of myself after tht actually.. I did ask him why he copied my blogposts and he said it helped him get women! - I allowed him to copy after tht! :)

  8. Hmmmm Arshat, I should ask mamta joshi why she did it or if it helped her score and then decide if i shd act as benevolent as you.

  9. Word theft is a far sadder thing than any other form of theft.

    Why you ask? Because stealing someone else's words, thoughts & expressions in effect means that the thief does not place much value in his or her own words, thoughts & expressions.

    As human beings we are all special because of our ability to communicate with each other. To write our thoughts, to express our feelings.

    I pity the thief for the theft, more than the 'human being' who was robbed. For the thief in effect has stolen his or her own dignity as a human being.


    Perhaps in the interest of all there should also be laws against intellectual suicide. Because that is what the thief has also committed.

  10. The nerve!!!I am glad you gave it back to her. In fact, get HT to sue her, or atleast threaten her guts. Its happened once but you definitely don't want it repeated. In the meantime, bask in the support of genuine fans.

  11. a bot is a non-human on a network.
    it's like a gamer term.
    they sometimes pop up in chat rooms, selling penis-enlargers and other suspect suppositories.