Monday, May 30, 2011

Expiry date

My domestic life is falling apart. The fridge is refusing to cool, and so is the air-conditioning. Not that I have much use for either, but when you have to deal with a whiny husband whose sense of calm hugely comes from electronic devices or remotes thereof, it matters. More so when the said husband threatens to buy a new one at the drop of a hat when you are trying so hard to be the domestic financial goddess.

When I summoned the repairman for the fixing up job for the air-conditioner, he told me it was easily fixable. When probed further on whether we should consider buying a new one, since technically, it was the third repair, he told me something interesting. "What you have is an old model. They don't make things like this anymore. The new ones are not built to last more than two years, so never let go of the old one. It's always better to get it fixed."

It made me look at relationships of today and why they are so fragile, so fractured, so volatile. Why it takes so little to call it quits and move on. Why we can never have the marriages our parents had, however imperfect they might have been. And why the over-communication has actually led to a communication breakdown.

Moral of the story: If you have something old, never let it go. 


  1. Doesn't his service go out of the window (a.c) if you buy a new one?

    I've heard this before, but their advice on these issues leaves a lot unsaid.

    On relationships, you're the boss.

  2. Haha..Not that I have a maintenance contract with him or he is earning huge monies from me. But then, it made me look at the big picture, so it was worth it.

  3. Oh my god, I can so relate to this!! What's this about men and their over-dependence on electrical/digital devices? And the whining post-breakdown we can all do without.

    Not so sure about the metaphor, though. Don't you think we look at nostalgia a little too rosily? True, we do bumble through life & relationships but have human beings ever really been tidy and smart about those?

  4. We haven't. That's why we need metaphors

  5. We love our little thingys...gadgets I mean.

    I cannot describe the joy of pressing a button and seeing the TV change mesmerizing....

    As to relationships, how many times have we said out loud that our children know more now than we did at their age. Thats the root cause. Knowledge is a pandoras box, once opened....

    How many of us can look in the mirror and say that with the knowledge we now have, we would honestly be able to stoically put up with half the marital discord our previous generation was able to.

    So agreed, relationships are not built to last anymore, but hey...would you drive a 1960s square FIAT if you have a sleek 2011 Punto available ?

    Lets just smile and say gremlin ridden as it may be, its a hell of a ride before it breaks down.

  6. lovely thought. it feels so weird to think we may never be as stable as the parents..
    nice one.

  7. A wow thought!! So simple yet so convincing.